Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Open 'Lies' in China

- Post is unfinished as of 6/6/2016-

I just came back from a week long travel experience with Macquarie International, my current workplace and pride of my tertiary education experience in recent memory.

And it has proven to me at the very least, the huge disparity between what international student's think they are getting with an offer from this university, (sometimes having sunk what is the equivalent of what is typically a year's salary in China) to send their children off to an institution, filling them with hopes and dreams of an fruitful, eye opening and expansive educational experience.

This isn't to say that it is a bad experience, but there are some huge marketing tricks (I would shy away from the term lie) that simply dupe so many students every year into walking through our doors.

1. Friendships experience (Social setting and adaptability)

2. English language proficiency

3. Ability to find jobs and work experience

In my case I have been incredibly fortunate to have experienced some of the best experiences this university has to offer. 1. student groups. 2. short term exchange 3. international projects 4.

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