Tuesday, 22 March 2016

That One Time at Law Camp

Oh, to be in first year again. I can certainly tell you what was like in back in my old days. Getting shit-faced, making out with some random girl with an interest in politics and spending the entirety of the second day trying to stave away boredom as 200 odd students try to fit into a kayak and lake. Honestly, most of us were just biding our time to get drunk for the second night in a row.

 But of course, things look slightly different when you’re in the party organising things, especially when you aren’t allowed to drink a sip of alcohol. The students look vulnerable for what they are, lonely individuals looking to fit into a group of people who exist within a bubble of being so-called genuises of their generation (or whatever prestige a law degree carries these days anyway). They dance awkwardly, drink a little too much, over-compliment and smile just to find some sort of reciprocal from you as a respondent. On my part my core is still shy so I didn't befriend many other people either, but I guess I'm not so into that sort of thing at my age anymore anyway/

 Looking at the event on a logitical level, with this level of planning that goes into all the events throughout the day and evening, I truly have to tip my hat off to MT and MB for booking such a fun place to go to, the interesting tests of co-ordination and skill in the micro-challenges overseen by the executive, and of course ensuring that enough alcohol was present to give everyone involved a healthy buzz throughout the weekend.

On a completely different note, I’ve caught a bad case of feelings for someone. She looks a bit like an elf, or a pixy,  or some sort of fantastical creature with an equally fantastical level of grace and charm. Well, grace might not be the most appropriate word, but she will make the most senile, racist, old, conservative man with his lips puckered sucking on a sour warhead candy, laugh and melt a little bit inside. At least I melted on a few occasions, anyway.

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