Friday, 30 January 2015

Open door policy

A new year. Another one of those new year posts, where one describes how much resolve for change he or she carries, to do things differently, spouting any number of hollow platitudes to speak to a non-existent audience on the merits of how simply a tick over a calender date somehow magically makes all specified tasks and goals relevant again. But not this time.

This year will start off with my least ambitious and honestly most grounded set of ideals that I want to push forward with my new year. Facing a few disagreeable realities in and of itself would be paramount to this exercise. Its kind of strange that this feeling of realism comes as I have just returned from one of my favourite cities in the world, Melbourne, having watched with some new-found friends, some of the most talented and reflex gifted tennis players in the world at the Australian Open.

First of all, I'm overweight. There's no getting around this fact, I've known it internally for a while now but I think its due time that I did something externally about it now. And avoiding all those other "I'll lose weight this year" new year resolutions, (face it, a lot of us say that) I believe that my resolve is special (as yet again we all do lol), that I'm going to create a structured plan to be able to make these gears work again. This comes about in contribution to the Murray v Kyrgios game I was watching just 3 days ago. Their bodies, in tip top condition were based on the totally, humanly possible routine of healthy eating and exercise to be able to unlock their full potential. I am not even achieving 1% of that. Structure and routine is what will exacerbate long term change, and a timetable of Taekwondo, consistent gym, solid sleep and healthy eating will be the four pronged key to this. I am not the most physically endowed guy around, but I can certainly minimise the imperfection the best that I can.

Secondly, I want to make some serious strides in my core developments, as I like to call them, this year. This involves specifically trying out new jobs which are outside of your field, or comfort zone, and actually put in effort and time into the tasks you are assigned regardless of how interesting or mundane you may think it to be. I've already started this year off relatively well, I've landed a 10 month contract to work with Google as a student ambassador in a marketing role, something that's relatively new to me, and im hoping to land other roles in Public relations and direct sales. But more importantly I want to extend this to my mettle, studying for instance is something that no-one particularly likes doing but its a path that I have chosen for the short term future, and I might as well do it well. Schedule yourself, stick to your schedule. Talk to a psychologist if need be.

Thirdly, I honest to God hope to put an end to this pervasive feeling of loneliness this year. This marks 11 months since I've gone out with someone with any real meaning behind it, and perhaps due to my lack of will to meet outside, motivation or whatever I haven't been able to rekindle anything close to that since. I'll make an effort to climb out of this shell I'm living in find my own chick to dig in my own time. This is entirely possible and is connected to my health, my mental outlook and perhaps even game, should I ever decide to return to that.

As an off topic side note, perhaps the placebo effect strikes again but I always come back form Melbourne with such a profound level of respect towards the city as a whole. Maybe its the trams, maybe its the fact I saw some astounding tennis electrify the arena, maybe its the mouth watering food, maybe its the Green senator running the place (most likely that one) or maybe its simply because I caught up with some cool people during my brief stay there. Regardless, I feel that the grass might indeed be greener down in Melbourne although I can imagine this to sound obnoxious coming from someone who already lives a priveliged life in an amazing home comparing themselves to greater heights, who knows.

I'm smiling :)

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