Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Old friends, new world

Its interesting to see where people have gone and and all the things they've accomplished while you have been so caught up in the drama of your own bubble  surrounding your own little life. It makes the meeting with friends from your old life, high school and prior, an enriching to see the individual paths that everyone has taken. You also get to internally observe how people have changed (or occasionally how much they've retained their own friendly core) in their demeanor from how you remember them, however fickle or inaccurate a memory can be. Perhaps that's why I value travelling to be one of the greatest catalysts for change that you can do in your youth, a practice that I certainly have not taken advantage of nearly enough.

I went to a couple high school friend's birthday recently, and it was an amazing opportunity to rekindle with old friends in the brave new world that we now lived in. DC, MN, HC, WL and everyone else I met previously in year year 7-9, when we first met smartphones were alien to us. There was no word on the GFC, CRTs were approaching a phase of obscurity and our lives were simple. Granted, they were terribly exciting, but they were simple.

Now we've all grown up. Some of us study engineering, some teaching, medicine, law, accounting, bio-genetics. Some of us have graduated, some of us never even step foot into a uni. Some of us work for a bank, some of us play badminton. Some of us even joined a fraternity, something I never knew existed in Australia! Some of us, DC I'm looking at you, have made some of the most amazing friends and improved upon their outlook and personality to become more outgoing, honest,

Its curious to see that how the world has changed, but many of us are still able to retain our cores of integrity and adapt as the dynamic youth that we are in this new world. I hope to keep these wonderful brothers as new worlds continue to envelope whatever reality we have today, constantly, continuously, and without fail. To the future! AND BEYOND!

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