Sunday, 28 September 2014

A kick to the Head

Two fighters, one red and one blue. A blur of kicks to the shins, thighs and chests are blocked and avoided with lightning precision. Each one steeling their eyes to exploit any fleeting moment of vulnerability, land a hit on the other. Suddenly, the blue turns his back momentarily before landing a mighty back kick, 360 degrees in total onto the red fighters helmet. It is not enough. Knocked out cold, medics rush to the slumped body as the blue fighter looks on warily. The match is over by default.

It really has been a metaphorical "kick to the head" as such to me, generally more towards my fitness and health. It begs the question that I have to ask myself what am I doing with my health, and what am I doing with my life? I spend so much of my time standing or sitting in front of an electronic display. Playing games, browsing the web, wasting these precious moments away in a cyclone of lethargy and stagnation. This practise, while it has some cognitive benefits in reaction time and enjoyment will slowly erode away my time, attention span and effort. It simply is not a good way to exercise the wonderful waking moments we have in our youth. Not to say that a few races every now and then is terribly detrimental to one, but simply put I put this practice to the nth degree.

But back to the match. The fighters I see have focus and strength beyond many of what my peers can offer. A friend from Highschool, MN, despite holding a amazing mind left much to be desired in the physical department. I was working as a volunteer for the Australian UniGames as a Sports Administration Officer, but I must concede that I had done little in my role. IN fact the majority of my time was taken up with athlete registration, match recording for point contestation purposes and correspondence with some of the questions the athletes had.

I wonder if one day I will get to a level I am satisfied with, in my health, my discipline and strength,

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