Sunday, 31 August 2014

High Society

Today marks 6 months in. At the start of this year I decided to accomplish two things in terms of my self development and business entrepreneurship skills. Firstly, I wanted to found a successful, sustainable and ultimately enjoyable student society. It is titled the Macquarie Visual Arts Student Association. My rationale was my interest in art holistically, and (hopefully) to be able to draw in other art-minded students in a festival of oils, acrylics, water colours, graphics design amongst a whole host of other art forms. The second was to create a viable business based on the demand for quality English tutoring towards the various English language proficiency tests, (of which as a current employee of the IELTS testing system I would specialise in). Halfway through the year and both have seen a similar story of an initial start as fast as bullet, only to have been met with stagnation as the months rolled past.

The society started off with a bang. A hugely successful O-week campaign with accompanying social media posts, word of mouth and amazing grant offered by the university. We clocked in over 120 unique sign ups in the three days we were active, all with an attached fee of $5 helping to lift our already healthy bank accounts. A promising partnership with the Macquarie University Art Gallery, another one in the pipelines with Riot Arts and Crafts. Showbags flying off the shelf like hot-cakes filled with art catalogues, paint brushes, crayons and the like.

Our plan was great too. Having on board with us a Masters Graduate from one of the most prestigious Art Schools in Asia, (National University of Busan) and the film producer for Waringah Council help us out in bi weekly lessons was a god send. So many ideas in the works, art gallery visits, pizza/ drinks socials, the list went on.

Similarly my business got off to a great start. Having worked for IELTS for the past tow years I have developed an idea of how the writing component is worded, as well as the general structure of the exam overall. Two students hopped on board almost immediately as pilot runs (DL and FW), and we got off to work towards the coming exam. I was getting a steady stream of income, word was getting out and I even had my own marketing manager; JP who believed in me and helped me promote my business edge – that I worked directy in the administration of the test that they were going to sit.

I guess thats where the good news ends. Things have tapered off since then. Member turn-out for our events has sunk to single digits. Now that the test is over people are less inclined to need tutoring in the down tine. I guess I just have to wait and see how any of these plans folds out.

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