Sunday, 25 May 2014

Creatures of flight


Its that time of degree where you see your peers take off into the awaiting wide world. Creatures of flight scrambling to find a nest of employment to roost, or returning back centre to study a master's degree or equivalent. Its also the time where people are struck with reality of our job market so difficult that the demoralising practice in application, rejection, application, rejection sinks into our spirit and allows us to believe that we are invalidated by our peers.

"What comes next?' Is the question that inevitably comes to mind. It may be that I am in my own little bubble in poor representation of greater society, but I any fears appear to be relinquished amidst the downpour of pessimism in the work force. I know it in myself that I can sustain myself on my own merits until I find something that I WANT to do in my OWN terms. There are so many choices and lines that I wish to pursue; To work for the government, travel abroad as a Civil Liberties law practitioner, to conquer my life goal to topple a poor government, start my own business or work or stay at this wonderful institution named university. It essentially boils down for a me to stay ambitious, stay curious, and help others out along the way.

My graduation is expected to be in 2 years from now, a year later than normally laid out due to my transfer from a year studying Engineering and Commerce. It is at these points in time of graduation ceremonies where I make a point to analyse people... their emotions, their facial expressions. Perhaps in my naivete I expect some sort of outpouring of joy n their flight away from pressurised academia, or sadness in leaving behind an institution of friendship, new experiences and learning.

What I normally see are people going about their day in an almost perfectly uniform way of apparent if unremarkable cheerfulness. They smile, greet their parents and friends, have some food and take their leave. Many may not even set foot on these campus grounds again.

It leaves me to question what I would feel in their shoes. Will my drive towards social justice in human rights remain intact after all these years? Will an unseen crossroad leave me in desolation and broken in spirit? What will I do and what will I become?

I will leave these questions unanswered. Currently the only answer I know in my bones to be true is that I know what kind of person I want to become. I will not let my moral convictions falter. I will be accomodating, generous, a rapport builder, and I will reflect the incredibly kindness that other people; JP, AT, IK, CH, JY and AL have given me.

On a personal note; AW, MM and MN I am glad to have been part of your departure from these walls where I've sourced so much happiness and opportunity from. Good luck and godspeed, I mean this in every sincerity of the word.

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