Tuesday, 25 March 2014

South by South East

Step aside London, New York, Chicago, Paris, Berlin. Your time in the sun is coming to a close. You have accomplished much in your tenure, colonisers of the new world, winning your battles and claiming your territories. But it is long overdue for a new power to emerge, for the beasts from the East to awaken from their sleep. Korea, Japan, China, Vietnam, Malaysia, Myanmar, Thailand, Taiwan, Singapore, Indonesia. They will rise. Little do the Western ones know that our greatest export isn't cheap toys or manufactured goods; its the people and culture. Korean pop is emerging as a new trend. Psy's Gangnam style hit the airwaves in a tremendously unecpected level of success. The economies of scale in China will one day claim innovation, manufacturing base, market freedoms and even in the number of ENGLISH SPEAKERS in the world.

And what of the ones who have settled in Western countries, such as myself in the amazing city in Sydney, Australia? Well our success speaks for itself. We dominate in the high school rankings. Our culture of resiliance ensures that we always gain the highest academic merit in all the best schools, regardless of our socio-economic status. Any order of difficulty one may try to play against our weaknesses have been seen to be overcome. We now dominate the English subject as well. In our futures we will

Unfortunately this success has not translated to the higher social standing. We're still not seen on a truly equal scale in the whole societal dynamic of things. But this will change, and I hope my contributions with Youtube may spur that on.

Why of all times am I writing about this now? Because today marks a new project that I am contributing to. To the canonisation of Asian men and women in the Western world as leaders of ingenuity, resolve, charisma, power and work ethic. It is with this chapter that I aim to describe myself as something that I will hopefully one claim truthfully. Asian Boss.

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