Tuesday, 31 December 2013


I'm writing this post from a ship in the middle of the Tasman Sea, and will be posted at a different point to be timestamped correctly.

It seems to me that things, really do only get better. For the past 5 years every progressive year has increased in joy, fulfilment and learning. And not by any small means, I mean by a solid progression in each, beautifully eventuated round.

This year was the first year I took upon two real jobs to sustain myself into the workplace. At what wonderful jobs they are, finding your fellow student's problems and solving them to assist them along in their degree to put them on the right academic and career path. Standing as the legal guardians in Australian permanent residency for the IELTS test in passport registration, fingerprint scanning and test observance.

I have learnt, grown, made new friends and furthered most of the passions I've set out to achieve- there are some stray bullets such as game and health which haven't really gone quite as planned but on the whole im chugging along like a standard freight train.

From as early as I can remember into my university life each successive year brings upon it a greater knowledge of the opportunities available, and my subsequent initative to take them up and smash through them all. Law I've come to find out can get quite tough - Torts and Negligence is something that requires careful analysis in how careless someone may be, right off the bat.

Just the other day on this cruise ship I've met a couple charming chaps already; TX and SQ, both from the University of Melbourne in post graduate Law and Medicine respectively. We ate this amazing buffet together and in the most epic of coincidences I met TX over a year ago during my travels to Melbourne as part of my SIFE delegation! That delegation is and will continue to be one of the best memories of my university life I will ever hold, and it was nice to briefly rekindle memories of that in years gone by.

Inevitably waves of nostalgia come quite frequently in this time of year. Things that have happened, come and gone, things that you will never really resurface ever again. But the great traits that you've adopted, the good times that you hold onto, they snowball and build up to greater and greater heights of cheer. Your skills unlock more challenges which unlock more skills, and the virtuous cycle continues. With the sinking of old moments, the lock shut on some doors, new chances to fly emerge.

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