Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Ideas truly are worth sharing

Today marks 10 days after a culmination of one of the best series of events that I can recall in the past year.

On this blog bullshit is something to be avoided, a cancer that clouds the integrity and point of even having a blog. But this post will, if possible, even more so concrete this unspoken policy. Volunteering for the TEDxMacquarieUniversity conference on campus was simply absolutely amazing on so many fronts.

As a pretext to this, I had participated in the 2013 Student Speaker comepetition for TEDxMacquarieUniversity around a month ago, and in my efforts on my youtube video and written application I had progressed into the top 5 finalists, to be spoken in front of the director of the entire production, as well as the senior youth liason member. I didn't win the competition, but the disappointment was short lived my original place as a brand ambassador was soon proven to be well worth in playing my part in this.

This feeling of happiness pervaded on the very pre-briefing we experienced on the day before. Running around the parts inside of Macquarie theatre that I've never laid eyes on before, initial thoughts of disorganisation were quickly vanquished with  clear directions given to us by our volunteered roles. As part of the two-man unit of the backstage team, we were briefed on our duties and had to stay back in an effort to drill our tasks into us given the difficulty of our particular team. The shirts we received were cool and snazzy, the production value of the stage and props looked amazing, and already I could see the pieces fit in together in my mind and almost in my sleep. The following day did not disappoint.

On arrival we were given such cool lanyards that even to this day I hang it up next to the monitor as a nod in its design. But almost immediately I was whisked away into the backstage hall where I saw my soon to be boss for the day fiddling with lighting, screen production, the giant scrolling screens and the beautiful visual and audio effects used to enhance all of the speaker's presentations. The day was filled with memmries in meeting friends, GM the tall social butterfly and PO my partner in crime was in and of itself great people to work with. But it was the fascinating topics that they talked about which left me stunned. From DIY drones, to statistics to the concept of luck, all spoke with conviction and clarity, and we were even lucky enough to witness a proposal of marriage on stage.

My favourite song from Les Mis was [played, (Do you hear the people sing?), the home grown food, free from GMO's and production scales was some of the most tastebud tantalising pieces of matter than have I have ever savoured, and being constantly kept on my toes in finding the next speaker, in manning both sides of the door, left the day without a dull moment. This will indeed be one of the moments of this year that I will smile upon reflection.

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