Sunday, 15 September 2013

Younger Progress

On a sunny Saturday afternoon, I was walking around my university during its midsemester break, talking and chatting to high schoolers and their parents in an animated and cheerful fashion to sell the academic and social fruits of Macquarie. I was employed by the Faculty of Business as a student representative as the first point of contact when, on our open day, students expressed interest in coming to study here.

The flashback of my period of highschool could not have been more stark. The 17 year old me had his head in the clouds. I wasn't the loudest or happiest kid around, but I had a solid circle of friends to rely on and talked passionately on the great things that were happenign around the world in Climate change and politics.

But as for my personaly future, I barely gave it any thought at all. I never visited the Open Day of Macquarie, I assumed that despite my poor internal marks that I would score at least enough to get into Commerce at the University of Sydney or New South Wales, and my blissful contempt and ignorance of the student populace outside of my highschool was threateningly naive.

My choices to study the typical Asian subjects; Law, Engineering, Commerce were littered across my preference list. Nowhere did any spark or creativity flow through despite my skill in art-making, design making or of political action. The latter of perhaps Law has in small relevance.

Seeing the year 12 students on the 14th however, in their careful planning and interest to study despite the simply ability to 'let things come as they come" attitude sweep them over as I did, gives me hope for the speed of progress in our younger generation. I and many of my friends are going to change the landscape and social values of this society as we grow, but I can see the generation prior to Y, (W perhaps?) are going to go through this in a greatly forged path.

Highschool is a time in which I will never get back. It was beautiful. I always remind my sister of the great merit in highschool and I do hope that my constant badgering has allowed her to see the precious time that flows from her days, as do mine form my days here. It has always been that I dont appreciate things to their fullest extent that I have had them in possession, but in my awareness I do hope to minimise this gap going forward.

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