Thursday, 29 August 2013

Even magic stagnates

Upon this blog I once wrote on the vigor and determination felt standing beneath the stage of some of the most brilliant youth leaders of our time in a competition for social entrepreneurship. This was of course, the SIFE Nationals 2012, flying off to Melbourne which I believe truly kickstarted my university life in experience and a desire to progress forward.

Alas, a year later, the once new magic has been stifled in a feeling of stagnation and platitudes. While the intentions of student leadership and the business model amongst models of 6 highly motivated individuals may sound incredible to most, the reality is that the experiments run half-heartedly at best. This year almost 20% of the previous universities of the past cohort dropped out, which included great heavyweights such as Monash and the Australian National University. The ideas were weaker, the speakers less inspired, the setting in a more dimly expressed fashion. The members of the community while shiny eyed and filled with smiles knew that their projects were just in their growth stage, and I certainly saw a part of me within conversation.

I guess its all a part of seeing things objectively, without bias as a friend or foe, as an authoritative figure or as an entity. It was the domino that set up who I saw myself as an identity but I feel that it has all but been lost awash a myriad of other experiences that will soon come.

It isn't just a turning point in the membership within this great society either. This half yearly transition has really seen to be a slow change from my understanding of the world. No longer can I hide behind ignorance or comfortable silence in my place as a global citizen. I have learnt so many egregious things that our fellow man has inflicted upon himself that to stand idly by and procrastinate is an offence to yourself in personal growth and to your neighbours.

Form this point onwards a great feeling of ambition has emerged to strive to be the best potential person I can be in this series of universes, so that i will have enough power to empower others, to create small craters of impact and to bring them along in my journey, and mine in theirs.

Goodbye Enactus, goodbye comfortable ignorance, the rest of my life starts now.

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