Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Quantum Mechanics (for the religious)

One central point in my life is my lack of a higher being, a greater force that governs my life, a spiritual sense, if you will. Essentially, I am Athiestic in the most conventional terms, while harbouring some doubt I do not consider myself an agnostic since the delusions of Heaven and Hell simply do not resonate, 2 distinguishing post-life states which are present in almost all modern religions.

A good friend of mine, WL, sent me a card for my birthday. That card has inspired me to submit this fascinating idea for a TEDx talk, in my hopes to win the championships if the student division speaker's contest. Without further ado, here is my speech.


When I was 4 years old, the world was a little different. Dialup was the latest technology, the Asian Financial crisis was the biggest monetary collapse on the globe, and Sega World Sydney was just opening up.

I had just started kindergarten, and I wanted to be a lion when I grew up. This evidently was not my future, and even today life twists and turns our reality, with physical advances and emotional issues spliced, discarded and evolving in front of our eyes. Some might say that God, unlike society, is future proof. But is there anything about today’s population, in a new age of reason, that can be considered in this light?

Today, I want to speak in the simplest and clearest 5 minutes possible, how through scientist Michio Kaku’s writings of quantum mechanics, and theorist Everett’s writing on the basis of “many worlds” explanation of the universe, all possible histories and futures are real, and each represent an actual, physical world.

As Kaku states; upon the big bang, an infinite amount of particles expanded, and a few of them cooled to form Earth. In this line of reasoning, if there’s an infinite amount of particles present, because of this, an identical combination had to have cooled in the exact same process, no matter how incredibly small the chances. This means a countless amount of other Earths cooled in the same process. But perhaps in one of them, oxygen particles didn’t cool fast enough, thus preventing dinosaurs, life, and so on. 

Taking this idea further, our world is just one of an infinite number of worlds. It stands at an ever branching tree of human and natural choices, and will continue to do so until the end of time.
With all of these different worlds at hand, in some, my small online toy business has globalised. In some, Im a robotics engineer.  And in others, I am the United Nations ambassador reuniting North and South Korea. But in most, I probably don’t exist, as the physical constants must be of certain values for this to happen.

I know that based on this purely rational view of life, we can take comfort in the fact that ANYTHING is possible, and has, is, or will be happening, somewhere in another Earth in the distance. This non-deterministic nature of the world entitles us to the only thing that is truly future proof: which is our own free will. Our greatest disappointment, in being corrupt, a criminal, an addict, have all been realised in some worlds, and they might even be realised in this one. It is up to us how our lives are played out. The impact of our actions in the world we live, in are OURS ALONE. The FUTURE, is OURS to create. If you want to jump into our world and upstart the next Google, incubate that HERE and create that NOW.

Finally, I feel very privileged to say that in this linear path of choices, I have had the chance to meet some of the most amazing and well rounded people possible.


UPDATE: I have made it into the Finalist's division of the top 5 students across Macquarie University. Sadly I didnt make it to win the entire contest.

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