Thursday, 11 July 2013

A God for Agnostics

Additionally, it appears to me that many of my great friends who are Christian, for the most part, lack intellectual curiosity. The constant need to question facts, atrocities or wonders of the world, or indeed even issues and events in their life can all be summed up by a single, all-encompassing answer; “Jesus”. It reminds me of the typical response as expressed by a political commentator on TYT; “I have forgotten the question, but I know Jesus is the answer”. It is a right excuse to allow a manner of all injustices to occur in the world, why there is already a higher being who right even the most egregious of wrongs in the world.

I believe you have to suspend a great amount of rational and logic to be able to believe that talking snakes, fly horses and magical fruit actually existed in our world a long time ago. Even more so; a man who can walk on water, is also able to chemically transform said water into alcohol, and is somehow a living embodiment of God requires in my view at least years of indoctrination that no PDHPE program ever could.

It has always puzzled me as to how some of my brightest friends, (albeit the proportion tapers down the more intelligent they are), are still able to find a religious donctrine compatible with their reality. But if it assists them in their trade, perhaps with spiritual assurance or sel-righteousness then I guess  I don't really have an issue with this.

The only problem that really arises is when it affects public policy, which thankfully is a problem seen in greater force in America than Australia. Politics there is marred by 'Judeo-Christian value', ie. An excuse to lower taxes, reduce food stamp and poverty assistance programs, religious education within our schools.

This all comes through the perspective from someone who describes himself as spiritual, but only to the extent that I warm to Buddhist practices of meditation, calmness and stress relief. In the meanime I will just observe my surroundings and the religiosity of the people in my life.

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