Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Double Edged Sword

Networking is one of the most useful things one can do to change their lives. Taking the plunge to open new doors, find out secret pathways, exploring unchartered territories in peoples personalities, their determinations and indeed even their psyche.

Truth be told it has worked wonders for me, and a few of my first impressions have gone a long way in many aspects of my life. I networked my way into new occupations, awesome friends, people that have left me in awe of their prowess and people that have truly let me learn life lessons I would have never made anywhere else. I made my first job for the University at a group assessment where my first impression was so unusual that they offered me an unadvertised position after the advertised one was declined that lasted longer and paid better than the one on offer.

Making friends in all sorts of societies has left my social life warm and content despite the sometimes cold hearted nature of degree, (Money and Finance isn't always the closest thing you want to cuddle up to at night). My life in finding an emotional anchor has been turbulent, but that might be for another time.

At the same time you flip the coin every time you leave a first impression, and you play a deck of cards every time you continue maintaining it. If you network badly or wrongly enough you reach a stage of notoriety in your pursuit to make your own web of reliable and honest people for yourself.

A recent encounter has given me a deuce in my playing hand. A network I have made has turned sour, poisoning mutual friends and calling into question the methods of my communication delivery. My immediate superior in my society has stripped me of my position due reasons of transparency and timeliness. Staying kind and sensitive, to remaining civil in the face of the different personalities can get you further toward a better network that most may imagine.

The ability to network is a double edged sword. The rewards are high, but the risk is even higher. High to the point where every new network has the ability to wipe out previous networks that have come before it. But life's a gamble, I simply love the game I play.

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