Wednesday, 21 November 2012


Lets take a look at how artificial I can be sometimes for the world to see:

I wear masks to people I do not know well.

My memory is haywire, confusing, mismatched and inconsistent.

I am blind to see people's true radiating core until they have walked away.

I cannot express myself well to people who are too different from me.

My perception skills are redundant in reading most people.

I lose my mind to people I like, but do not actually trust.

I have too much hope for a society that has been largely lost amidst consumerism and corruption.

I fabricate things well to the point where I find myself in high and mighty positions based on false leadership attributes.

I try to make friends with people who don't want to make friends with me.

This has been spurred on by recent criticism directed at me form behind closed doors in my society. Thanks for hardening my spine, thats all there is for now, there isn't any more.

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