Monday, 31 December 2012

At the end of the beginning

Thus ends my final year in my teenage life. Simply put, these 19 yrs have been a truly enjoyable rollercoaster. This year has opened up more doors than ever before, meeting one of my best friends in my tertiary life, acquiring not one but two jobs in administrative work and student assistant for my university, and dating one of the most unique girls I have ever come across.

Just a heads up this post is going to be one of the most self centered and pious posts I'll ever write on this blog, because everything's from my perspective in my own little world.

I have so much to be thankful for. My friends are great, my academics have pushed me into transfer into a Commerce combined Law degree at this same institution. I want to make a different with this degree in either civil liberties or climate change. My parents although flawed in many ways are incredible people, selfless and affectionate in their parenting strategy.

But its not just about this year. I really enjoyed primary school. Effortlessly at the top of my class I scored the highest mark in both the final and selective school test in my entire year. I made friends which have largely left my life but have impacted me to this very day. CC and RC our muskateer rants and activities truly radiated in the final moments leaving Beverly Hills Public. Play the game, if you will.

High school started off disastrously. Outcasted by my peers until mid year 8 I harkened back to the joyful periods of primary school. But alas this did not last, I have met some of the brightest and most loyal friends one could have, mostly in this little micro society I affectionately refer to as the Room 13 Boys. It cannot be understated that although my skill set was not completely sharpened during this time it was simply enjoyable to be in its presence, relaxing and talking those recesses and lunches walking aimlessly around the school talking from politics to life to friends to food. WL, CH, AP, DC you will always be close to reach if friendship ever calls.

My sister's still as colourful and bright as ever, garnering the top position in Visual Arts for her grade. Ive met the coolest people in university, IK, WT, JB, RS through your charisma and spirit I have also the luxury to meet BN, SP and introduced to the whole new world of gaming. Such a fun and worthwhile experience it has been.

Of course not everything has been rosy, I was rejected by an epic soul which I guess was too incompatible to being with, but still stings. In my course a great many DickHeads have also crossed my paths, and what a learning experience it is to deal with those people and neutralise their input into your day to day actions! Failure in academics at the end of year 12 left myself, my family and my peers paralysed in disappointment but I guess that's been overcome with my UAC offers. My lack of will and motivation as a teenager to really pursue anything of real value or thought really pulled me down, and I alwys wished I had played more sports as a kid. These 19 years have gone up and down but I firmly believe the beginning should largely start off awesomely, and to that; it certainly has had an awesome aggregate.

All in all uni has changed me for the better. Everything I see has more perspective. My inhibitions have taken a sidestep to my willingness to talk to peers. I am willing to study harder and longer, garnering my first High Distinction at the end of my first year of university. I hope to replicate this success in my law degree.

However life isnt all about academics. My life in travels has also been turbulent. From the Glitz and glamour in the soraing rpelicas of Laz Vegas to the duty streets of rural Southern China I have seen small pockets of the world that many people simply do not have the chance to see. I have witnessed history as the YanXi river floods, leaving behind a trail of destruction to a great many rare and wonderous artifacts. The ghost city wil always have a place in my heart as the little dangly skeleton that hangs form my desklight, leaving deathly shadows in its wake. I have seen progress take the limelight in place of human rights and environmental appreciation, where man has seen the lens of short sighted gratification, blind to the cliff that we are slowly but surely veering towards.

At the same time I have also seen the shining city on a hill for myself. The powerhouse of the world, the lumbering juggernaut of America. Behind the veil it is all it claims to be but at the same time so much less. The people appear more miserable and dissatisfied than those at home. The infrastruture, economic system and morale has sunk to depths i did not think imaginable several years prior. My travels to Malaysia and Singapore have opened my eyes to seeing so many walks of life so close to each other but so different in every single other aspect.

Heres to the end of my beginning, may the body be just as good, and the conclusion end in style. Ill end this post with a quote by one of my favourite scientists of all time:

But when you say, "Is this it?" How much more do you want? I mean THIS, is wonderful! - R. Dawkins

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