Thursday, 11 October 2012

Good intentions

We all inherently have "good" intentions. None of us like to see ourselves as the villian, even acting upon inhumane and egrigious acts we have all managed to rationalise it in such a way that it makes sense to us. Psychopaths have described themselves as "sick" rather than "bad" people, and even throughout history it was always positioned that any acts against humanity were in the greater good for themselves in their objective in life, or their community. I'm sure Adolf Hitler in his mind positioned himself to think that Jewish people were of weaker evolutionary status and wanted to further the human race in favourable genes. The worst of humanity has been rationalised in some spirit of another for their flames of passion to burn.

Which brings this train of thought to myself. As I've grown older I find the ends to nearly always justify the means. If we can end up with a cleaner world with solar panels and environmental protection, I don't care how it is funded in whichever disguting intention of corporate interest drives it. If I can avoid hurting people to achieve my goals then I will go full steam ahead like a flying arrow to where I deserve to be. All in all, it has been recently reinforced to me as one of the most useful tools in my social arsenel we all have somewhere in our psyche to be able to further my own means:

The ability to lie.

Perhaps this too is an egrigious act that I'm trying to rationalise for myself. I'll leave that unanswered, but let me indulge This world we live in is a jungle of destructive people in rationalisation to themselves that benefits their own goals. There are great crime heists taking place as we speak in the financial world, corrupt politicians walking our streets, and the idea of "care" and "goodwill" is becoming rarer to find. We are constantly being bombarded with what to think, what to do, what to eat and who we should be.

Sometimes you need to lie to get into positions where you can make a change into the cause or issue that simply needs to be changed. As you put on the facade of confidence it will one day transition into the solid plating of armour that will organically power you through the years to come. Lie to become the person you want to be, the influence you want to hold. Essentially, "Fake it until you make it. Then you will become it."

I see two types of lies which require remarkably different skillsets.

Exxageration: Taking the truth and changing the dressing around the core of its truth to present a certain point or series of events. For instance faking your existing foundation of confidence to grow to levels you want it to be, where you will be able to influence people. Fabrication: Creating a whole new episode out of thin air, elaborating creating a scene with specific details and foibles that only a story teller would be able to do, while appearing credible. Each type has its own use in different circumstances, and we cannot let our convictions falter as we exercise such a splendid tool we have been bestowed upon as humans.

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