Monday, 27 August 2012

Three Pillars

I like to compartmentalise things. It makes this world a little easier to understand, a little more enriching and a little more fascinating to look upon. Thus I have divided my two greatest questions; Life and People (Thats for another post), into simple parts, and disagreeable they may be it stands to reason as a part of my character, the fabric of principles I go to sleep with everyday. That said, I am open to change should I weigh upon its great limitations.

Life is unfair. How can I, with no merit from the outset be bestowed upon such great luxuries of food, wealth, love and care? There are people out there far brighter and far more capable than I am who live lives of desperate poverty, lucklustre acheviement and constant pressure simply because of where they are born, and the opportunites they are exposed to.

The least I can do is be grateful of how lucky I am in the world, this wonderful environment I like to call "The playground that is University", the abundance of charismatic and incredible people around me. It isn't fair, and I will never truly appreciate how awesome things are, although I do try. I feel that Im continually happy with everything I see, my ambitions go further than the eye can see because it seems like everything's within reach. I can literally count how many bad days Ive had with my hands.

Life is Interesting. There's so much to do around here! Food, sights, people, that give this planet character. All of this is accumulated and sensed by our brains, what wonderous biological machines these are that fit in our skulls. Information also counts as currency in this new age, it has never been an intention of mine to become fabulously wealthy, but if I am the richest man in terms of the great sums of information I have come across in this lifetime it would be an eternal goal I would never truly accomplish, but have a tonne of fun in its simple process, whether I pass any finish line or not.

Life continues. This may be the most important and double edged principle I stand upon. I have heard stories of life abruptly ending, shutting down the ropes of friendship, family and those beautiful connections we call brothers overnight. But I stand to hope that it lasts for as long as I wish it to. A false hope perhaps, what control do we have? We honestly don't, but knowing this phrase alone makes it more enjoyable to stay in while you're here, if you're standing here you might as well enjoy this amusement park.

If things look down, life continues. If they look great, likewise. There are always second chances to pick yourself up and look up, science and technology progresses with the intentions for the future, good or bad as they may be. The cars are still going to drive, businesses continue, supporting and facilitating destruction, happiness, creation and sadness everywhere. But you, and you alone control your own life with the cards you're dealt, see things happily and treasure these moments as it chugs along like a standard freight train.

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