Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Return from the South

These past few days can be described as little more in my view than profoundly epic and fruitful in my development as a thinker, as a person. I spent the past few days in Australia's City of Arts, Melbourne for the SIFE Nationals. SIFE stands for Students in Free Enterprise and is essentially a university run and co-corporate and govenrment funded venture to have the greatest positive impact on human society domestically and abroad. As a delegate for Macquarie University we reached the semi-finals (top 8) out of a pool of 28 teams, and important as that may be it didnt have as much as an effect as it otherwise should have.

For it was the grandeur of the speakers that caught my eye. The confidence, like-minded students hoping to actively reshape homelessness in Australia, discrimination, climate change, financial literacy, business and economic problems amongst a host other student run projects.

In our journey I actively met and talked with so many other institutions, notably Melbourne Uni and University of Wollongong had connected with us on many different levels, I stand unbelievably grateful. The HR head of Melbourne even helped drive us around the best parts of the city which would have been otherwise inaccessible to us, I can only re-affirm any return of favour to this.

Of the places we visited we saw the ACMI Games exhibition, Korean BBQ, Karaoke, YumCha, Mt. Dandenong, Hardware Lane, Crown Casino, Lazertag, Miss Marples, Docklands and other places beyond our normal reach.

What I have learnt over the past few days is that disappointment or loss can only make you tougher and more resiliant than before. You can speak naturally if you know where your strengths lie and with reasoable confidence. You can network with anyone if you dont care so much on how you are percieved. Personal annoyances are trivial in the grand scheme of things. You can be great in almost every respect and remain humble, (Kudos; UNE SIFE). Even the superhero leaders have human problems, (Kudos; President HZ, HR Manager JK.) charisma brings a smile of determination and wit into every conversation. Family should mean more than it should.

This society has created the springboard for me to truly open my eyes and develop myself. I feel indebted to this organisation and all the wonderful people who have populated it to see me to do even greater things after seeing your inspirational selves accomplish so much. Thank you.

And finally: our generation still has so much hope left in it, I shouldnt come to any judgement so quickly for anything.

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