Wednesday, 16 May 2012

18 things I've learnt in 18 years

So I've seen this kind of list set out before in random articles I've read just scouring the internet... I thought I'd make up my own list. Some of these ideas are sourced from the brilliant minds of others, so what? I dont give a shit! Good advice is good advice that Im taking it all on board!

              1. Everything you do has a consequence. This includes inaction, which sometimes has the greatest of all detrimental impacts. (Inaction through my highschool years led to poor marks)
              2. Stop giving a crap, most people are too caught up in their own world to care about yours. (Embarrassing yourself is a very good thing; tripping over yourself and making light of it at the station)
              3. Your highs will only get higher and your lows likewise if you keep on standing outside of your comfort zone. (Meet new friends, bad days aren't so bad anymore)
              4. Travel while you're young, before cities change or disappear entirely. (Ghost city in the Yangtze River doesn't exist anymore)
              5. Volunteer. The people you meet are amazing, the work you do is amazing, you learn skills no corporate job can give you. (Duke of Edinborough, working with the librarian at Ashfield library)
              6. Things take time and do the hard yards to get to where you want to stand or who you want to be. (Getting into the student society scene, marking your place there)
              7. Take care of your health while you can, you'll regret it later. (Karate in high school left me in great shape, I always regretted stopping)
              8. Don't lose your passions to the oncoming sweep of what everyone else is doing, and the allure of procrastination (Lose your painting interests, go back! Lose your interest in piano, go back!)
              9. Take the time to appreciate where you are and how far you've come. (You're luck in economic position, your successes to keep your failures in check and balance)
              10. People are like jewels, and so are you. As you rotate them they show different sides to different people, and some sides may be duller than others. But you will never truly know someone and I don't think you'll ever know yourself. (Encounter with MN from engineering, reflection upon yourself)
              11. There are times in your life when you have difficult choices to make. Guess what? You’re going to make the wrong choice sometimes. Learn from it, but don’t hold it over your own head. You can’t change it and dwelling on it will only prevent you from making better choices in the future. (Sourcesd from somewhere else; Remember not going for NC in primary school)
              12. "Noone can make you feel inferior without your consent" - Eleanor Roosevelt. Pretty self explanatory. (Being bullied in year 7)
              13. Stay ambitious, fierce an aggressive in spirit. The fire may have different periods to burn but keep it lit to achieve your goals. (Remember getting that HD for BBA102?)
              14. Being selfish is necessary sometimes. (Fight your own ground, accrue success more storngly for yourself, Wai's birthday)
              15. Give thanks as much as you can. (Keep giving love to your family and friends, remind them you care)
              16. Fail. They make for beautiful stories when you look back. (Once again, NC)
              17. Do something different. You’ll never look back and think, “Remember that night when we stayed in and watched Netflix?” Netflix will still be there when you get home. (Sourced elsewhere, you watched so much anime back in the day)
              18. People will come and go. The important thing is "What did I learn here?" and try to find humour in everything. (Loss of friendship with MN, finding such humour in dark times)

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