Sunday, 1 April 2012

Corrupt Geniuses

Imagine a battlefield. The smell of gunpowder and decaying flesh fill the smoke riddled air, obscuring what little sun that shines through. Cries for help are heard in the distance with shooting heard as an icy response. This is what the economic health of the world was upon the brink of. How could we do this to ourselves? How could we go unchecked to such an extent to affect every trust fund, pension account of mortgage of the average globalised citizen in our modern society?

I once thought it was an unavoidable circumstance; why our media basically painted it as an inevitable mix of honest mistake in the free capitalist journey.But no. This was not inevitable, this was the work of a select few firms gambling on derivatives trading worth more than 6 times the wealth of the entire world. These select few, blind by greed and at the "top of their game" in the Wall Street chain of command, I pondered were either corrupt geniuses or blind fools? My conclusion today; neither. They are men. Simple, arrogant, simple men with intents of a criminal, no smarter than you and I, but with the greed and determination of 20,000 lions.

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