Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Where Am I?

I grew up in a pretty lucky household. In a happy, middle class suburb in Sydney's South my childhood was littered with little outside of epic memories.

But over the years I have come across a great deal of enlightening and honestly disheartening pieces of information. From the lofty hopes of Democracy of times yonder to its current mutation, the influence of money and corruption in politics, the grand scales of other people's lives and places further than the eye can see.

Im studying a Finance with Robotics degree at Macquarie University in Sydney's North. In seeing the institutions of finance and banking abroad, where financial deregulation has run amuck and ethically decayed the banking institutions in the United States, I only hope for the best in our tiny corner of the Earth. Everywhere I see comfortable ignorance prevails over the truth, and the perpetrators continue to stay happy and afloat amidst the monetary chaos around them.

This wasn't the world I thought I was born into. So I ask; Where am I?

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